Upcoming features on GiftKenya.com

We have an update for you!

First of all, 1st February is the official launch date of GiftKenya.com . We will be enabling more features, that we have for you! Yes, that’s right, what you see currently are just “some” features. Here is a list of upcoming features:

  • Live Help – so that you can chat with us while browsing the site. Even if it’s just to say hello.
  • Testimonials – see what others are saying about us.
  • More payment modes – we currently support MPESA, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit Cards & Debit Cards.
  • More products – err…does this need any explanation?

And this is what you can expect a little later :

  • SMS & Email updates – When your loved one receives the gift, you will immediately receive an alert.
  • Referral discounts – Get free coupons for referring your friends. Accumulate enough, and you can get free gifts – Don’t worry, we won’t tell your loved ones the gift was “bought” for free 😉
  • Free laptops with every order – NOT! Gotcha, haha!

And while you were reading this post, people were ordering Valentine’s gifts for their loved ones. What are you waiting for?!  – > Valentine’s Specials

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