has officially been “launched” . Prices slashed!

We would first of all like to thank all of those who have supported us from the day we came up with the idea of providing an efficient service to send gifts to Kenya. You know who you are! Thanks, and we will be sending you some gifts via soon :p

While the business was in operation prior to 1st February (hence the “quotes”), we decided to only have the official date after all the teething problems had been ironed out.

We have enabled the following features which were under testing :

  • Live Help – See the green image on the left? Just click on it, and our representative will be with you in seconds.
  • ZAP Payment  – We added this to the existing payment modes.
  • More products – This has no end, we have added more products, and we will be ading even more!
  • Discount codes – If you look in the right places [hint: facebook , twitter ;)] , you will find a few discount codes!
  • Referral discounts -Well, you gotta place an order to see this in action. Well, we have to reward you for referring others to us, right?

In addition, prices have been slashed – you can now send flowers to kenya at a much cheaper rate. Cakes too!

Upcoming features

  • Pesapal payment – For both registered and unregistered users!
  • Specialised services  – Such as wedding cakes, flower arrangement, and more!
  • SMS & Email Updates -It’s under testing. It should be ready before Valentine’s.
  • Gift Vouchers – Sometimes getting the right gift for a loved one is tough : our gift vouchers will help reduce the stress. Let your loved one choose the gifts they want.
  • Same Day Delivery**- As the name says, you will be able to have the gift delivered on the same day.

** Not applicable to cakes – we don’t want you to have a cake that was hastily made!

With our service, you should have no reason not to send gifts to Kenya online! Team

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