It’s never too late to send gifts to Kenya!

Let’s face it, some of us were too busy.  Some of us did not think it was important. Some of us thought Valentine’s is overrated. Or maybe the local florist was out of flowers. Or maybe some of us were, well…we’d rather not say! :p

For one reason or another, you did not manage to show your love on Valentine’s. You feel you should have sent some gifts to your loved ones. And now you are worried that your speical one is pissed. Worry no more…because at Gift Kenya, we don’t believe date should be a factor when expressing your love. Which is why we have a new category that should more than make up for Valentine’s : The Absolute Romantic category.

“But”, you say, “I don’t need to make up for anything!”. But, did you know that many people feel sad the day after Valentine’s? This is because they think that the only time they are going to get similar gestures of love is next year, so this is your chance to show them they are wrong, a chance to keep the love going. Everyone is sending gifts just on Valentine’s. Be different. Show your loved ones they are more special than the rest of the world. Show them what they mean to you. Show them that you are  Absolutely Romantic!

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