Send gifts to Kenya – Understanding our mega deals.

Can it get  any cheaper to send gifts to kenya? You bet there is!

We will go straight to the point.

Here is how we make it even cheaper to send gifts to Kenya! We have now introduced our Daily Mega Deals!
– There will be one special deal every weekday, and one for the weekend!
– You can identify the deal via the Daily Mega Deal box which has a yellow background!You can’t miss it!
– Each deal will run for 24 hours, except the weekend deal which will run throughout the weekend.
– The deal could be flowers, cakes, or any other gift on the website.
– The deal can only be ordered when it is running.
– The delivery date, however, can be any day. You can order it, and have it delivered after one month if you wish!

So, there you have it. A simple explanation of our mega deals.

You can become a fan on The Gift Kenya Facebook page or follow us on The Gift Kenya Twitter profile to get an alert as soon as a new deal is active!

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